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From the sleazy video nasty vaults comes a movie so stained with controversy and moral indignation that the very mention of its name sends shudders down the spines of the weak stomached and censorious – Zombie Flesh Eaters. A gut-munching, shark wrestling, eye-gouging orgy of topless skin divers, mud-caked undead terror and Italian splatter from the dark imagination of horror genius Lucio Fulci (The Beyond, City of the Living Dead).

An abandoned boat in New York Harbour unleashes a deadly flesh crazed Zombie cargo... A Young American woman and a journalist investigate a tropical island where a deadly disease is making the dead walk... Soon, thoughts of getting to the bottom of the murderous curse will be forgotten, as Fulci's walking corpses overwhelm the living and reports come in that the Big Apple is swarming with the living dead...

After over thirty years, Zombie Flesh Eaters still has the power to shock and offend the unwilling... Check out this classic 'sadist video' and revel in a wonderfully tasteless movie that once helped usher in a moral panic!

Special Features:

  • Brand new high definition restoration of the original negative.
  • Audio commentary with screenwriter Elisa Briganti moderated by Calum Waddell.
  • Audio commentary with Fulci biographer Stephen Thrower and horror expert Alan Jones.
  • UK exclusive introduction to the film from Ian McCulloch.
  • From Romero to Rome: The rise and fall of the Italian Zombie film: Veteran Fulci screenwriters Dardano Sacchetti and Antonio Tentori, celebrated UK critic Kim Newman and filmmakers Luigi Cozzi, Ruggero Deodato, Russ Streiner plus many more share memories of the genesis of corpse-crunching cinema - from Romero's early templates to the gory glory days of Fulci and his many successors.
  • The meat munching movies of Gino Rossi: The special effects magician behind many Italian splatter classics talks about his most famous gore-drenched greats - and shows props from many plasma-packed masterworks - including Zombie Flesh-Eaters, City of the living dead, The House by the Cemetery, Cannibal Ferox, Burial Ground and Piranha II.
  • Zombie flesh eaters – From script to screen: Dardano Sacchetti shows key pages from his original Island of the living dead screenplay.
  • Trailer and radio spots.
  • Collector's booklet featuring contributions from Calum Waddell, Stephen Thrower, Craig Lapper and Jay Slater.
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys.
  • Caractéristiques

    • 18
    • Tisa Farrow,
    • Ian McCulloch,
    • Richard Johnson
    • Lucio Fulci
    • 2
    • Dolby Digital
    Nombre de disques:
    • 2
    Langue principale:
    • English
    • Arrow Video

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    Ce produit

    Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters Blu-ray

    11,25 €

    Économisez : 14,50 €

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    Zombie Flesh Eaters Blu-ray

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