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Doctor Who Inferno Special Edition (DVD);An experiment gone awry sends the Doctor (Jon Pertwee) to a parallel universe where his friends and companions are members of a fascist regime in this thrilling and popular episode from the long-running science fiction series Doctor Who. Inferno is the name of a project designed to drill into the Earth's core and release a powerful energy source called Stahlman's Gas, what's yielded instead is an insidious substance that transforms men into monsters. The resulting chaos interrupts the Doctor's travel in the TARDIS and knocks him into an alternate Earth run by a military dictatorship, and where Project Inferno's progress threatens to bring about an apocalypse.;Extras;Disc 1;· Commentary - stereo. With actors Nicholas Courtney and John Levene, producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks.;· Subtitle Production Notes;Disc 2;· Can You Hear the Earth Scream? (dur. 34' 45") Actors and production team recall working on the story in this specially-shot featurette. 16:9 FHA.;· Hadoke versus HAVOC (dur. 27’ 33”) – Presenter Toby Hadoke reunites surviving members of the HAVOC stunt team and trains with them to perform a stunt himself. Will he survive to become an honorary member of HAVOC? With stunt arranger Derek Ware and stunt men Roy Scammell, Derek Martin and Stuart Fell. 16:9 FHA.;· Doctor Forever – Lost in the Dark Dimension (dur. 27’ 26”) - the penultimate instalment of our new five part series looking at how Doctor Who was kept alive in the years between the end of the classic series and the beginning of the new. In this episode we look at the various attempts to bring the show back during that period. With current and former Doctor Who Magazine editors Tom Spilsbury, John Freeman and Gary Russell, former BBC range editor Steve Cole, actor David Burton, writer Adrian Rigelsford, director Graeme Harper and new series executive producer Russell T Davies. Narrated by Zeb Soanes. 16:9 FHA.;· The UNIT Family - Part One (dur. 35' 35") - a featurette looking at the Earthbound Doctor's 'family' during his exile to Earth and his new role as the scientific advisor to the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. 16:9 FHA;· Visual Effects Promo Film (dur. 6' 00") - an excerpt from an early attempt to 'sell' the experience and facilities of the BBC Visual Effects Department to new clients. This short film features model effects filming from the Doctor Who stories 'The Ambassadors of Death' and 'Inferno', a watertank sketch from 'Marty Amok' featuring Marty Feldman, model shots from 'The Caves of Steel' and the filming of the forced-perspective model pier for the explosive finale of the missing 'Doomwatch' episode, 'Survival Code'.;· Deleted Scene (dur. 1' 56") - a short deleted scene which was never seen in the original BBC transmission of the story, featuring a rather too obvious Jon Pertwee as the voice of a radio presenter.;· Pertwee Years Intro (dur. 2' 43") - a short introduction to the story's final episode from Jon Pertwee, originally presented as part of BBC Video's 'The Pertwee Years' VHS release.;· Photo Gallery (dur. 6' 10");· Easter Egg 1 (dur. 1' 01")- clean opening title backgrounds including the special 'volcano' graphics used for this story.;· Easter Egg 2 (dur. 0' 40") - VT countdown clock for episode 7. Please arrange this so that the start of the clock is chapter 1 and the start of programme (suggest 09:59:59:00) is chapter 2. Play All or Play Episode will start this episode at chapter 2, but allow the user to chapter back on the remote to watch the countdown clock.;· Easter Egg 3 – Being David Burton (dur. 5’ 20”) – actor David Burton talks at greater length about his career and casting as the Doctor. Please place access to the left of the ‘Doctor Forever’ menu item.;Doctor Who Annual - an Adobe PDF version of the 1971 Doctor Who Annual, supplied as a PC-ROM feature for access by PC and Mac users.;Coming Soon (dur. 1 min approx.) - a trailer for a forthcoming DVD release.;Radio Times Listings in Adobe PDF format.


  • Jon Pertwee,
  • Nicholas Courtney,
  • Caroline John
  • Douglas Camfield
  • 2
  • Dolby Digital
Nombre de disques:
  • 2
Langue principale:
  • English
  • Doctor Who
  • 167 mins approx.
  • BBC
  • Doctor Who
  • PG

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Ce produit

Doctor Who: Inferno

Doctor Who: Inferno DVD

8,69 €

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Doctor Who: Inferno DVD

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Doctor Who: Inferno
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