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IMC699D Life After People

This History Channel programme relies on experts' knowledge and understanding of history in order to predict the future helping to paint a picture of what Earth will look like in the days, weeks, months, years and millennia after humans are gone. Looking farther into the future and using analyses based on the past, we see how nature will reclaim the world we live in. Eventually glass buildings topple, stone buildings crumble, successive freezing and thawing turn streets to rubble, water rises, subways flood and sewers crack. What animals will survive? What kind of plant species will survive?  Will the seas be filled with fish?  Will humans ever return?  Will man begin the cycle again, excavating our ruins and trying to imagine what life was like before? This programme uses feature film quality visual effects from ILM and top experts in the fields of engineering, botany, ecology, biology, geology, climatology and archaeology to answer these questions. Humans won't be around forever and now we can see in detail, for the very first time, the world that will be left behind in…..Life After People.

IMC735D 2012 The Final Prophecy

They foresaw the coming of Christianity, predicted the rise of Hitler and told of the 2006 tsunami that devastated South East Asia. In just a few short years, on December 12 2012, the Mayans predict that a natural disaster of untold proportions will destroy the earth and wipe out all mankind. As 2012 approaches, the Mayan prophecies are getting world wide attention, including Hollywood’s take on the disaster. But is there any scientific validity to these prophesies or is the Maya code nothing more than a great idea for a movie? 2012: The Final Prophecy takes a look at this ancient prophecy. Stunning CGI and re-enactments provide a dramatic scientific explanation for what may or may not happen in the year 2012.

IMC608D Secrets of Angels, Demons and Masons

This is a 'must see' programme for Dan Brown fans and conspiracy enthusiasts alike! The ultimate guide to Dan Browns best seller! Based on Dan Burstein and Arne Keijers best-selling non-fiction book 'Secrets of Angels & Demons' this fascinating programme uses evocative evidence with commentary from world renowned experts, taking viewers on a gripping journey from Baroque Rome to historic Washington D.C.
This 2 hour programme is the ultimate guide to the secretive societies known as the 'Illminati' and the 'Freemasons' pivotal to best selling author Dan Browns best selling novel 'Angels & Demons'. Trace the history of famous astronomer Galileo who was allegedly involved in a plot to bring down the Catholic Church. Unravel the secretive world of the Vatican City whilst learning the truth behind the plots in Dan Browns thrillers. Examine the amazing technologies of 'antimatter' and the likelihood of its use as a weapon of mass destruction whilst exploring the secrets of the Freemasons including its surprising role in the founding of the United States of America. Uncover sinister suspicions fuelled by strange coincidences and symbols that all point to the involvement of organisations like the Freemasons to the disturbing extent in the worlds corridors of power.

IMC585D Tsunami: The Killer Wave (BBC)

A compelling and moving programme showing the personal stories behind the disaster. This documentary, filmed for BBC One, tells the story of the victims, their families and the volunteers helping them rebuild their lives after the Asian Tsunami disaster. Filmed on the devastated coastline of Phuket, this programme follows the extraordinary personal stories of those caught in the devastation when the Tsunami struck on the day after Christmas and how tourist, aid teams and tens of thousands of local people dealt with the enormous loss of life and widespread devastation. Featuring original archive footage and interviews with nurses, trauma teams, counsellors, survivors and their families this programme uncovers the shattered communities and reveals one of the world’s worst natural disasters in recent history.
Extra Features – Sunday Morning Call– Oxfam’s ongoing reconstruction work in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Sri Lanka Tsunami Response – Personal stories from Sri Lanka. These features are produced by Oxfam and are included with their permission Oxfam 2005.


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