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Simply Media are delighted to announce the release of the much sought after cult sci-fi classic series Star Maidens on DVD 17th April 2017. Originally shown on ITV and not seen on British television since 1978, this unique Anglo-German production has largely been shrouded in mystery. Today Star Maidens is regarded as a rare and bizarre curio by TV sci-fi enthusiasts, has a place in television history books and provides a fascinating snapshot of the sexual equality revolution at the time.

Now all 13 episodes will be available to own on DVD in a two-disc digitally re-mastered set.

Starring iconic sci-fi actor Gareth Thomas, three years before he would go on to play space rebel Blake in the BBC sci-fi classic Blake's 7. This DVD release also contains a bonus interview with the late, great actor.

Featuring episodes directed by double Oscar-winner Freddie Francis (The Elephant Man), and cinematography by Ken Hodges (David Copperfield (1970)) and Alan Hume (Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi), this stunning series was shot on location in Windsor, Bracknell, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, locations that would later be used again in Blake's 7.

Created by Eric Paice (Dixon of Dock Green) and co-written by John Lucarotti, who had previously been a contributing writer for Doctor Who and The Avengers, and fellow Doctor Who writer Ian Stuart Black, Star Maidens is set on the futuristic planet Medusa in the solar system of Proxima Centauri. It’s a "perfect" world ruled by women known as Star Maidens, and where men are the inferior sex.

While the males are relegated to performing menial tasks, women are regarded as the superior intellectual beings and are assigned personal male domestic servants to satisfy all their needs and desires.  This peaceful matriarchy, however, is threatened when a comet blows them out of their solar system and into our own, entering the orbit of Earth – a primitive, crude and disappointing planet rumoured to be ruled by men!

When headstrong rebel Adam, played by French heartthrob Pierre Brice, flees his keeper, the beautiful supreme councillor Fulvia (Judy Geeson – Poldark (1975)), along with his faithful friend Shem (Gareth Thomas) they steal a space yacht and head for Earth to claim political sanctuary. Outraged by their disobedience, tough security chief Octavia (Christiane Krüger – Anne of Green Gables) decides to take two Earth scientists captive on their own planet, enslaving the male while treating his female assistant like a Queen, as they hunt down their insolent missing men.

Much hilarity ensues from the clash in cultures between the two planets, with Adam and Shem having many comedic misunderstandings on landing on our own male dominated Earth for the first time. And the Star Maidens are shocked that women could ever be treated as a man's assistant! Alongside the comedy this series stands out for being one of the first of its time to bluntly address issues of sex discrimination head on.

Filled with all the wonderful and wacky tropes you would expect from a 70s cult sci-fi series, including ray guns, over-the-top colourful costumes and impressive retro-futuristic sets from Emmy-winning production designer Keith Wilson (Space: 1999), this is a not-to-be missed series for sci-fi fans, comedy fans and nostalgia hunters.


  • Lisa Harrow,
  • Christian Quadflieg,
  • Christiane Krüger,
  • Judy Geeson,
  • Gareth Thomas,
  • Pierre Brice
  • 2
Nombre de disques:
  • 3
Langue principale:
  • English
  • Simply Media
  • PG

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Star Maidens

Star Maidens DVD

10,35 €

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Star Maidens DVD

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