The Schwarzenegger Collection DVD

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  • James Belushi,
  • Brigitte Nielsen,
  • Kathryn Harrold,
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger,
  • Sharon Stone
  • John Irvin,
  • Richard Fleischer,
  • Walter Hill,
  • Paul Verhoevan
  • 2
Rapport de forme:
  • Aspect Ratio 1.85:1,Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
Nombre de disques:
  • 4
Langue principale:
  • English
  • StudioCanal
  • 18


HEAT (1988)

Ivan Danko (Arnie) is a Russian cop sent to Chicago to extradite a Russian drug-dealer named Viktor Rostavili (Ed O’Ross), wanted for murder back in the USSR. When Danko and his prisoner are ambushed by Viktor’s gangland friends the Russian escapes, and a veteran police officer is killed. His partner, Ridzik (James Belushi), who, like Danko now has a personal vendetta against Rostavili, joins forces with the Soviet cop to hunt down the escapee and his gunmen. Also starring Peter Boyle, Laurence Fishburne and Gina Gershon.

RAW DEAL (1986)

Forced to resign from the FBI because of his unconventional approach to investigation, Mark Kaminski (Arnie) is demoted to the position of Sheriff in a small North Carolina town, where his wife heads straight for the bottle and his career goes precisely nowhere. However, when the son of an old friend, Harry Shannon (Darren McGavin), is killed whilst guarding a material witness against the Patrovita (Sam Wanamaker) mob family, Kaminski is given a second chance. Charged with infiltrating and single-handedly bringing down the family without the acknowledgement, consent or protection of the FBI, Kaminski must resist the temptations of the mysterious Monique (Kathryn Harrold) and maintain his cover, his eyes on the biggest prize of all reinstatement and thus a return to the life that has been taken away from him.

RED SONJA (1985)

Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen) leads a peaceful life until the army of Evil Queen Gedren (Sandhal Bergman) murders her family and rapes her. Granted extraordinary powers in a vision, Sonja swears to avenge their slaughter and embarks on a lonely quest for justice. When she learns Gedren has stolen a secret talisman that could annihilate the planet, Sonja reluctantly joins forces with an arrogant Prince and his protector, unaware that it is the mysterious and powerful stranger Kalidor (Arnie) who actually holds the key to her destiny.


Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Douglas Quaid a tough construction worker with a beautiful wife (Sharon Stone), a good job and great friends. Haunted by recurring dreams of another life on Mars, Quaid is drawn to Rekall Incorporated, a travel service specializing in implanting fantasies in the minds of those who wish to turn their dreams into reality dreams as real as a memory in your mind.

But something goes wrong and the procedure unlocks memories that were supposed to be left hidden suddenly his every move is dogged by would-be assassins and he discovers a mirror image recording of himself which says ‘Get ready for a big surprise. You’re not you. You’re me.’

As his reality shatters around him, Quaid journeys to Mars to solve the mystery of who he is. It's A Journey Of Non-Stop Action And Extroadinary Special Effects On Which Quaid Must Contend With Strange Mutants, Futuristic Vehicles And A Staggering Array Of Weaponry.

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The Schwarzenegger Collection DVD

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The Schwarzenegger Collection
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