Ultimate Ronnie Barker Collection [12 Disc Box Set] DVD

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A collection of classic Ronnie Barker shows.
OPEN ALL HOURS, Series 1-4, containing the following:
Series 1:
Full Of Mysterious Promise
A Mattress On Wheels
A Nice Cosy Little Disease
Beware Of The Dog
Well Catered Funeral
Apple And Self Service
Series 2:
Laundry Blues
The Reluctant Traveller
Fig Biscuits And Inspirational Toilet Rolls
The New Suit
Arkwright's Mobile Store
Shedding At The Wedding
St Albert's Day
Series 3:
"An Errand Boy By The Ear"
The Ginger Men
Duet For Solo Bicycle
How To Ignite Your Errand Boy
"The Man From Down Under"
The Cool Cocoa Tin Lid
Series 4:
Soulmate Wanted
The Housekeeper Caper
The Errand Boy Executive
Happy Birthday Arkwright
The Mystical Boudoir Of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel
PORRIDGE, Series 1-3, containing the following:
Series 1:
New Faces, Old Hands
The Hustler
A Night In
A Day Out
Ways And Means
Men Without Women
Series 2:
Just Desserts
Heartbreak Hotel
Disturbing The Peace
No Peace For The Wicked
Happy Release
The Harder They Fall
Series 3:
A Storm In A Teacup
Poetic Justice
Rough Justice
Pardon Me
A Test Of Character
Final Stretch
Porridge: The Christmas Specials:
No Way Out
The Desperate Hours
Fletch is out. After spending three years, eight months and four days at Her Majesty's pleasure, the old lag is out of Slade Prison on parole. However, life on the outside is not going to be easy - he even finds Mr McKay in the buffet car of his train home.
Will his carefully buried nest egg still be there? Will he be able to manipulate his family as easily as the gullible Slade Prison lags? Will he welcome old cell-mate Lenny Godber, now a long-distance lorry driver dating his daughter Ingrid? Or will the delights of freedom make him yearn for the company of thieves, fraudsters and even screws?
It is 1937. Clarence is a furniture shifter - an unfortunate occupation for a man who can't see further than his nose - until he meets maid Jane Travers. After a short courtship and a quick proposal, Jane suggests "a trial period" of co-habitation - with "no hanky panky".
Moving to a country house once owned by an aunt of Jane's, the couple attempt to find domestic bliss. But Clarence's experiences at the sewage farm and working on the land suggest a myopic bungler is going to find it difficult to find gainful employment. And, as the nights grow longer, he's going to find it even more difficult sticking to his own side of the bed...
In the small Welsh Village of Llantisiliant, Plantagenet Evans advertises himself as a 'Genius, Photographer and Man of Letters.' Larger than life and flamboyantly dressed, Evans is an egotistical, overbearing character who sees himself as more of an artist than artisan.
Open All Hours:
This was our first sight of Arkwright, the miserly Northern shopkeeper who victimises his delivery boy and nephew.
Prisoner and Escort:
Fletcher, the career criminal, became Barker's most famous character. In this episode he meets future guards MacKay and Barrowclough.
My Old Man:
Barker plays retired and embittered engine-driver Sam Cobbett, the last tenant to leave his house in a road condemned by the council.
Spanner's Eleven:
This Roy Clarke scripted comedy revolves around Albert Spanner, hot dog seller and team coach for the dismal Ashfield Athletic Football Club.
Another Fine Mess:
This excellent homage to Laurel and Hardy finds Barker as Ollie teamed with Roy Castle as Stan.
One Man's Meat:
Barker, under the pseudonym Jack Goetz, wrote this story of a man desperate to escape a starvation diet imposed by his wife.
I'll Fly You For A Quid:
This Clement and La Frenais story finds Barker as gambling Welshman Evan


  • Roy Castle,
  • Ronnie Barker,
  • David Jason,
  • Nicholas Lyndhurst
  • Sydney Lotterby,
  • Harold Snoad,
  • Mike Stephens
  • 2
Rapport de forme:
  • Aspect Ratio 4:3
Langue principale:
  • English
  • English for the hard of hearing
  • 15

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Ultimate Ronnie Barker Collection [12 Disc Box Set] DVD

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Ultimate Ronnie Barker Collection [12 Disc Box Set]
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